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  • Raemi L. Gilkerson

Washington State Probate During Coronavirus Stay Home Order

Coronavirus has caused so many changes. One change being the way courts in the State of Washington are handling probates during this time. Due to the Governor's stay home order for the State of Washington, which was extended until May 4th, individuals are not allowed to appear at the courthouse to start a probate (this was the typical process). The courts are still accepting probates and we are still able to open probates; however, the process has been changed and the changes are a bit more complicated.

If your loved one has passed away during these difficult times and you need help to understand what to do next or need help to start a probate, please reach out to our office. The new rules implemented by many of the Superior Courts in the State of Washington which prohibit in person appearances to open a probate, making it much more difficult to open a probate without the guidance of an attorney. You can look up King County Superior Court Coronavirus updated here. In our experience, the new rules are causing slight delays in the starting of probates.

The attorneys in our office have experience opening probates with the King County Superior Court under these new rules and are available to help you navigate this difficult time. Please reach out to our office via phone 425.885.4066 or email if we can be of service to you.

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